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Moving to a new address can be very stressful for you and for your whole family including your pet family!  If you’ve recently sold your home, are moving to a new city, and need temporary lodging while you’re looking for a new residence or until your new home is ready, it can be difficult to find a place to stay right away that fits your needs.

We urge you to consider our Zazu Pannee Park corporate housing rather than a hotel room.  You and your entire family staying in a cramped hotel room for an extended period of time is not just an inconvenient nightmare but a very pricey option. If you’re moving to the great city of Phoenix then save your family from this hardship and avail yourselves of Zazu Pannee’s corporate housing in Phoenix.

Finding a suitable apartment where you can readily move in while you’re still out searching for a home in Phoenix can be difficult and maybe even impossible!   Most quality apartments don’t even permit sublet or short-term rentals. You and your family shouldn’t expect to endure the inconveniences and high cost of a cramped hotel room for extended stays. Luckily, there is a comfortable and cost-effective solution in Phoenix. The solution is one of Zazu Pannee’s premium corporate housing options for stays of as little as 30 days.

Using Zazu’s corporate housing takes the stress out of moving to another address; it does so by having accommodations ready for you once you arrive with everything in place and waiting for you.  Zazu’s fully furnished apartments, townhomes and bungalows will help your family adjust to their new surroundings more quickly and much more easily.  In fact, many of our guests feel like they’re at a destination resort.

This is especially true if you have children; kids are the most affected and most enjoy Zazu’s resort style amenities like heated pools, beach, theatre and 9 acres of lush landscaping.  Moving to a strange new area is daunting and change can be disruptive and difficult for you and your family—people and pets alike! Having everything and everybody camped out in a hotel room while you situate yourself waiting for your new address to be ready can be more stressful for them and for you.

Zazu Pannee not only offers all the comforts of home in their corporate housing in Phoenix; their community will accommodate your entire family – kids and pets included. The sandy beach area and heated pool will keep them very entertained and comfortable during your transition.

Using corporate housing when you go on business trips is a wise decision too. With your own apartment or bungalow you are free to relax and feel at home. Unlike in a hotel, you can store and cook your own food when you stay in Zazu’s corporate housing. These types of dwellings make you feel more at home than any generic hotel room can.

And when you come home from an exhausting day of meetings and seminars, it’s nice to know that you can kick off your shoes and feel at home. And when you are relaxed you become more productive.

Security is also one thing that you need to carefully consider, whether you’re on a business trip or transitioning into your new surroundings. With Zazu Pannee’s corporate housing you can rest assured that you and your belongings are safe. Although there’s no guarantee for safety Zazu’s record speaks for itself—no burglaries, robberies or break-ins!   And because the apartments are located within the heart of downtown Phoenix you don’t need to commute long distances when coming home from work.

There are a lot of advantages when you choose to go with Zazu Pannee; the price is right when compared with extended stay or pricey downtown hotels, and the amenities are unrivaled. Where else will you find the same kind of comfortable living and ease of mind?

So whether you’re transitioning into your new location in beautiful Phoenix, Arizona, or just here for a visit; don’t check in to a generic and gloomy hotel room, go home to a comfortable corporate housing apartment, town-home or bungalow presented by Zazu Pannee.

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