Temporary Housing in Phoenix

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Temporary Housing in Phoenix

Most people’s idea of temporary housing is a few days in a hotel. However, what if the visit has to extend say a few months? During this length of time, using either a hotel or an apartment would not fill the needs of the traveler. This is why when looking for temporary housing in Phoenix Arizona for a stay of 30 days or more, the best thing to do is opt for corporate housing.

But what is temporary housing? It is a series of accommodations specially tailored for people who will be staying within a given location for an extended amount of time. This type of extended travel is usually undertaken by corporate travelers; hence the label often used for this type of accommodation – “Corporate Housing”.

But Temporary Housing in Phoenix is not solely for business travelers. Individuals caring for a sick relative for an extended period of time, or families in between homes also can benefit from the amenities offered by temporary accommodations. To suit the different types of extended stay residents, Zazu Pannee provides a variety of floorplan options, from apartments to townhomes to bungalows.

What Does Temporary Housing in Phoenix from Zazu Pannee include?

The difference between hotels and temporary housing is the fact that the latter is much more complete, offering a myriad of amenities to make the traveler feel at home. In fact, most apartments and bungalows available from Zazu Pannee are furnished with everything a person might need for their stay.

For example, there’s the kitchen that is readily available should the occupant decide to cook his own breakfast rather than eating out. A laundry service, not usually available with hotels, is also present in our temporary housing options, making them excellent for an extended stay.

Since they cater to business travelers and others staying for an extended period, our temporary housing in Phoenix is specially designed to provide what is needed for business and for taking care of the business of life. The accommodation is built to blend in a home and office so that individuals would be able to live comfortably while still doing their job.

Broadband hi-speed internet, wake-up calls and unlimited local phone service complete the package – especially for the corporate traveler. Many accommodations offered by Zazu Pannee come with multiple bedrooms to provide for couples or families requiring extended temporary accommodation.

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