Short Term Rentals In Phoenix

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What happens when your requirement is somewhere in between reserving a hotel room or B&B for a couple of weeks or signing a long-term apartment lease for 6 months or more?  There’s a hidden gen offering a short-term housing option that fills your need in Phoenix Arizona.  It’s offered by Zazu Pannee Park. These short term rentals in Phoenix are available for stays of 30 days or more; they are fully furnished, generally significantly less expensive than an extended stay or business hotel in the Phoenix area, and are designed with home-inspired comfort as the top priority.  There also an excellent value.

Business travelers needing short term rental solutions certainly benefit from Zazu Pannee’s unique accommodations, but they are not the only type of traveler whose stay in Phoenix would be greatly enhanced by joining the Zazu community.

Vacationers In Need of Short Term Rentals

Vacationers and snowbirds spending a few months in the Phoenix area might consider spending that time with us at Zazu Pannee. The elegant furnishings and ready-to-move-in extras include a full kitchen with all dishes, pots and pans, plates, glasses and silverware provided.

But vacation is about relaxation, so Zazu’s short term rentals Phoenix also offer a 250-ton sandy beach (yes, in Phoenix) two pools, one heated all year round, a commercial quality fitness center, yoga stretching room and professional quality 3-D screening room. With our discounted massage therapist services; wash & fold laundry service and car service available, your vacation won’t be lacking a thing – except high hotel prices.

Between Homes?

Whether you’re relocating to the Phoenix area or simply have sold one house and are waiting for your new house to be ready for you, our short term rentals at Zazu Pannee provide the perfect solution for you and your whole family to feel at home and take care of the business of life without worrying about the roof over your head.

Your pets are welcome, and with the various floor plans we have to offer for short term rental apartments, there is sure to be one perfect for your entire family.

In Need of an Emergency Short Term Rental?

Has fire or other disaster left your home temporarily uninhabitable? Zazu’s location has easy freeway access to the whole region. Our convenient location and your choice of a fully furnished townhome, apartment or bungalow means you can continue on with your daily routine – work, school, hobbies – with minimal disruption. You can also conveniently oversee repairs or reconstruction to your damaged home.

Medical Relocation?

Are you in Arizona temporarily to assist with a loved one who is ill? Short term rentals at the Zazu Pannee community are designed to provide temporary residents with comfort, convenience and location, location, location.

Focus on your loved one and the business of nursing them back to health without having to deal with the expense of hotel lodging. We provide fully furnished accommodations – everything from internet access, electric and trash to all the house wares you’ll need to be comfortable for the duration of your stay.

Whatever your reason for needing short term rentals in Phoenix, Zazu Pannee can provide a great option – contact us today about the details of our fully furnished apartments, townhomes and bungalows!

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