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What to do at the End of a Long Day?

Business travelers, especially those who are away from home often for extended periods of time, know all about the inconveniences of “getting there and back”. Long hours spent in airports, plus actual travel time and being away from home and family can wear on even the most seasoned road warrior.

What would you rather do at the end of a day filled with long lines, air travel delays and arranging transportation? Wait in yet another line at the hotel? Or pick up the key to your temporary home-away-from-home – a luxuriously furnished rental in Phoenix? After a hard day on the job, do you really need to be back in line in the lobby because your key card no longer opens your hotel room door?

Fully furnished rentals at Zazu Pannee Park give you your own space without adding extra hassle to your already stressful trip, all at less than the cost of the average business hotel.

Once you reach your destination the demands of the job – needing to be sharp from the beginning of the day through until your head hits the pillow at night – start to factor in. Meeting your commitments to clients is your top priority, and often, your normal personal routine is next-to-impossible to maintain. Business travelers know the potential negative effects of long-term business travel on your diet, nutrition and health.

Staying in a hotel and need to work late? Too bad – you’ve missed dinner at the hotel and nearby restaurants so you pick up a bag of chips or a candy bar from the hotel vending machine. Staying at a hotel with breakfast included? Good luck finding something nutritious or even appetizing at the daily breakfast buffet, even if you can manage to work your schedule around their rigid hours.

Have special dietary needs? In many cities, you might as well just resign yourself to missing a few meals…

But with a furnished rental in the Zazu Pannee community, you’ll be able to accommodate any demanding work schedule and any nutritional requirements in your very own, fully-equipped kitchen whenever it’s convenient for you. And the reduced cost of meals during your stay should make points with the accounting department as well.

Zazu Pannee is a few blocks from Phoenix’s Foodie Hub including flagship locations for Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods and Frye’s Grocery!

Furnished rentals in Phoenix from Zazu Pannee Park can help you maintain a healthy lifestyle during your stay in the Phoenix area. Cooking your favorite foods from three of our nation’s best food purveryor’s couldn’t be simpler.  And if you overindulge—no problem.  Our swimming pool and fitness center combine to provide you with ample opportunities to keep you mentally and physically sharp, even with the most inconvenient of schedules.

Your client will be impressed at how well you function in an unfamiliar city, your company will reap the benefits of satisfied clients and lower travel costs, and the benefits to you personally are clear – better health, better diet, happier traveler! Furnished rentals from Zazu Pannee – the ONLY way to travel!

Rentals are available for stays in the Phoenix area for 30 days or apply a discount when you stay more than 30 days. Check out all the amenities included in your fully furnished rental!

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