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When you’re traveling to Phoenix, Arizona for either a meeting or for an extended visit to a loved one, instead of getting a hotel room, why not get a furnished apartment. Zazu Pannee offers you a wide assortment of accommodations that will surely fit your taste, and most of all, your budget. If budget and convenience are considerations, then it is recommended that you try our services. It’s your home away from home

Furnished apartments are apartments or bungalows that are made to be used pretty much like a hotel; meaning it can be used for a short or extended stay of 30 days or more. These are large and roomy accommodations that are tastefully and completely furnished like your own home, thus giving you the feeling that you are still at your own place.

Why is it better to get a furnished apartment in Phoenix rather than a room in a downtown luxury or extended stay hotel? Well for one thing, you can be sure that there will be peace and quiet in a furnished apartment from Zazu Pannee. In hotels there are a lot of people constantly on the move; the hotel personnel and the other guests.

It’s hard to relax if you always hear the scuffling and muffled voices of a lot of other people. The situation gets worse in budget accommodations, where the walls are usually as thin as two pieces of plywood stuck together; you can actually hear the person in the other room snoring at night! With a Zazu furnished apartment in Phoenix, you can rest assured that you will get peace and tranquility whenever you need it.

Another thing that you can get in furnished apartments which you can never get in hotels is familiarity. Being in a furnished apartment feels like you never left home at all. With furnishings that you might find in your own apartment back home, you will get that same fuzzy and cozy feeling every time you come back from your morning meetings and seminars.

One of the best things about these apartments is that you get your very own functional kitchen. In hotel rooms the best that you can do in terms of a meal is to dine out, order takeout food or partake of expensive room service meals to eat in the small room; you can’t even store and reheat leftovers. In furnished apartments you can buy your own food and cook it just the way you like it in your own well-appointed kitchen. You can also store your food in the freezer and cook later if you so wish.

Try as they might, hotel rooms cannot provide you with the same feeling of being at home that furnished apartments can.

It is also much more economical to rent a furnished apartments in Phoenix!. For less than the cost of a regular hotel room, you can get a spacious and fully furnished apartment that looks and feels a lot more comfortable. If you want true value for your money then you should definitely rent a fully furnished apartment from Zazu Pannee.

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