Furnished Apartments For That Extended Stay In Phoenix

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Say that you are in Phoenix, Arizona on an extended business trip, or possibly just visiting relatives for a month or more. You are weighing the pros and cons of staying in a hotel room for the entire time. Perhaps you are looking for a more comfortable environment and a more economical choice than a pricey hotel room, where your options at mealtime are expensive room service or dining out?

You should try one of Zazu Pannee’s fully furnished apartments in Phoenix

With the exception of very exclusive resort properties, hotel rooms look and feel the same wherever you go, so it can be quite hard for you to feel relaxed while staying there. If you are in the Phoenix area for an extended period of time, try the option of staying in a furnished apartment. These living accommodations are carefully designed to make you feel as though you have never left home at all.

Furnished with all the niceties that you may also have in your own home, plus community amenities like a fitness center and heated swimming pool, a Zazu apartment or townhome is a fantastic choice. Oftentimes hotel rooms are cramped and overpriced, they also feel impersonal because that’s what they are designed to be; generic and neutral.

With fully furnished apartments from Zazu Pannee, you can get the same warm and fuzzy feeling that you get when you’re at your own home.

There are a lot of differences in staying at one of our fully furnished apartment in Phoenix rather than in a motel, or a hotel room. The first difference is that you can more easily relax in your apartment. In hotels there are front desk attendants, bellhops, and lots of other staff scurrying about; when you come home from a long day it is difficult to wind down and even more difficult to ensure privacy.

Compare that with coming home to your furnished apartment at the Zazu community – tune out the rest of the world and tune in to your 187 channel expanded cable, or just relax in your townhome or bungalow knowing there is no one to disturb you.

Another advantage of a furnished apartment is just that, it’s furnished! You have a flat screen 32” TV set, a comfortable sofa and easy chairs and a working kitchen – pots, pans, silverware, and plates – the works! You also get a lot of room to spread out and make yourself at home, whether it’s hooking up your computer through Zazu’s all community WiFi Zone that covers every inch of the property plus your apartment, or preparing dinner for the family.

Compare those scenes with eating takeout food on your hotel room bed while balancing your laptop on – well – your lap. These are major improvements and what gives our furnished apartments a comfortable home-like feel. Now you can relax and eat a home cooked meal; even if you are away from home.

But probably the best thing about Zazu Pannee’s furnished apartments is that they are more economical than staying in a hotel room. The rates are lower, the amenities are more extensive, and for stays of 30 days or more, there’s really no better option! So whenever you find yourself in this part of the United States, give Zazu Pannee a call and inquire about their furnished apartments in Phoenix.

Contact us today at Zazu Pannee 800-549-3054 or Email us today at iamhome@zazupannee.com to view our large floor plan selection of fully furnished apartments and get started on your new life!                     

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