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Corporate Housing in Arizona

If you’re planning on going to Phoenix Arizona for a business trip that will last for just 30 days, or maybe several months, where do you plan on staying? Are you going to check in to a cramped hotel where the services couldn’t be considered ideal? Or would rather stay at the best corporate housing in Arizona has to offer? Let Zazu Pannee help you out.

When going on long trips, either for business or for pleasure, budget is always a major concern. At prices much more affordable than an extended stay in a hotel room, corporate housingprovided by Zazu Pannee is infinitely more cost-efficient.

It can be quite difficult to find a furnished apartment that offers stays of only 1 or 2 months, but with Zazu Pannee you can get settled into a fully furnished suite comfortably on the day of your arrival to Phoenix, Arizona.

Why would you want to stay at a small, cramped and overpriced hotel room, where the staff is at best just indifferent about you? After a hard day’s work going to meetings and seminars in a very unfamiliar place the only thing on your mind would be to kick off your shoes and relax at home. It can be pretty hard to feel at home in a hotel room, but if you’re staying in one of our housing units offered by Zazu Pannee, it will feel like you never left home at all.

Unlike hotel rooms, Zazu Pannee’s corporate housing provides you with a fully furnished residence, complete with a fully-functional kitchen where you can store and cook your own food. When you stay in a hotel you are limited to pricey room service and sometimes forced to eat at restaurants and diners nearby. With Zazu Pannee, you’ll be able to cut costs in food because you can bring in your own food and cook it in your fully equipped kitchen. And if you like to cook we’re right at the hub of Phoenix’s Foodie Center with flagship locations for Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods and Frye’s Grocery just minutes away!

Not only is availing of corporate housing and other types of furnished rentals cost effective, you can also be more at ease about your safety. Zazu Pannee’s corporate housing in Arizona community is a gated, secure park-like setting located within the Phoenix city limits. The location provides convenience and secure, comfortable surroundings; why wouldn’t you come ho0me to Zazu?

It’s not only great for the business traveler; you can also use them if you and your family need to stay in Phoenix for an extended period of time for family reasons or just for an extended vacation. With corporate housing, the transition to your new surroundings will be smoother and stress-free than having your family stay at a hotel room. With fully furnished bungalows, townhomes and apartments, that which Zazu Pannee offers will provide you and your family the comfort that you so desperately deserve.  View our flooring plans page to choose your housing style.

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