Celebrate All Things Zazunian!

What a wonderful collection of characters here at ZAZU— BRAVO has nothing over us! Being a ZAZUNIAN, among ZAZUNIANS is a special and honorable distinction. We’re friendly folk and enjoy spreading the word‐‐ sharing what’s happening in our lives with our neighbors! Some may say it’s a predilection to be a little nosey…others say we’re just neighborly… Whichever way you choose to look at it— just keep us informed about you and what’s going on around your home so we can keep your neighbors posted‐ Here’s what happening in the Land of ZAZU!

So many emotions layering into our lives this month as our little Zazu village marches forward.  No matter the specificity of our individual faith, religious commitment or leaning from it, for all Zazunians this is truly a season of sharing, reflection and gratitudefor the riches we enjoy individually and collectively.  As we observe, participate and contemplate the life changing moments surrounding us we are awe struck at how different and yet familiar it all is! My fellow Zazunians we have perhaps bumped into the secret of life!— “Everything Old is New Again!” Did I make that up, did I!?  There are so many changes among our Zazunian citizenry this month—in case you’ve missed some of life’s big moments affecting your friends & neighbors, here’s a sharing of just a few of those life happenings impacting our community. Some  of its exhilarating, some stressful, so pick up the phone, knock on a door and let your neighbors know you care:  Jim (#228), DeShawn (#134), Janice (#505), Rich (#233), Peter (#603) & Antonia (#201) are recovering from medical stuff; Kevin & Peace (#215) had an early delivery for their first child—a new baby girl; Prasanna’s (#149) Mom sadly passed away unexpectedly; long time Zazunian John (#503) moved back to Texas to find work; John’s neighbors Jose & Olivia and their daughter Jazmin (#502) transferred to #113 and Jose & Olivia’s old neighbor, KC (#501) followed them, transferring to #114 with his soul mate, Michael and Michael’s sweet doggie, Maverick; Justin (#135) took a job up North leaving brother Joey his ZAZU Pet Care business; Faeeza & Julia(#136) are taking Phoenix event tips from RJ (#150) and RJ is socializing and enjoying it (as is Zeke!), David (#121) and Melanie (#122) they’re next door neighbors- just got married (to each other); Jeffrey (formerly of #234) who left Zazu last year has returned (now #206); Nicole and Joe (#617) who recently broke up are back together which is encouraging news for a couple of other Zazunians who recently separated! And our lives GO ON! So, to all Zazunians whom we know and to those whom we still shall meet or are yet to know more of—our warmest good thoughts for your continued progress, machinations, successes and trials as we Zazunians march heads held high—into, around, backwards, forwards and through our collective and individual lives!  There is so much to be grateful for, thank you for sharing it with us and making this wonderful—sometimes crazy, but always astonishingly supportive, embracing, diverse, exceptional & inclusive Zazu Community so wonderful!  Happiest Holidays from our entire ZAZU family to yours!